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Sector Information

The Germiston Police Precinct is divided into five sectors namely:
  • Sector one (CBD to Gothsforpark)
  • Sector two (Dikatole)
  • Sector three (Delville)
  • Sector four (Lambtonklip)
  • Sector five (Dinalview)

 Our Sector – Sector 4

Lambtonklip (Sector 4 within the Germiston Police Precinct) are currently divided into seven sections covering:
  • Lambton
  • Klippoortjie
  • Parkhill Gardens
  • Webber
  • Denlee
  • Hazelpark
  • Hazeldene

Various households are inter connected by a well functional radio network and growing.
A team with intense passion to fight the crime monster that invested within the area are steering the LKCPF with vigour intensity.

 Area Map: