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Community Police Patrollers

It could be seen as a Neighbourhood Watch system that has been re-engineered and is wholly managed by the CPF, and comprises of accredited and trained volunteers.

Purpose of the Patrollers

  1. Provide a presence within an area by means of PATROLS, both by vehicle and per foot, with the intention of CRIME Prevention.
  2. Identifying and reporting Suspicious and or Criminal activities to the Police on a real-time basis.
  3. Assisting the Sector Manager (SAPS) with qualified information regarding CRIME “hot spots”.
  4. Being the “EYES & EARS” of the Communities in terms of Safety and Security.
  5. Work in collaboration with Security Companies to maintain a safe and secure neighbourhood.

How do I become a patroller?

  1. You need to be a LKCPF member
  2. You will complete a application form & sign an indemnity form
  3. Finger prints will be taken and screened by SAPS
  4. You will have to complete eight three hour shifts with a current patroller member
  5. On completion you will receive all uniform & decals applicable
  6. You will have to attend a monthly patrollers meeting and adhere to all rules within the structure