Dog Poisonings

Dog Poisonings are unfortunately an ongoing menace. Several poisoners have been arrested, but new ones seem to have replaced them. Other than keeping your dogs inside, ( they are also targeting them by day now), the only advice we have is as follows: DOG POISON FIRST AID — TIME IS ESSENTIAL


1. Avoid contact with saliva, body fluids or other excretions.

2. Wear gloves.

3.Your dog is in distress and might show signs of “aggression”; be careful.

4. DO NOT put your fingers inside the mouth as your dog may bite.


1. Induce vomiting by forcing wet balls of soap powder down the dog’s throat.

2. Administer ACTIVATED CHARCOAL to slow absorption (available from a chemist /vet.)

3.Administer a LAXATIVE (available from your vet or most supermarkets).

4.Keep the animal warm with a LIGHT blanket.

5.Check the yard THOROUGHLY for more pieces of poison bait.

6.Get your pet to a vet immediately – many dogs die within 20 minutes.


The vet will administer a schedule drug (normally Atropine) to reverse the damage caused by the poison and will put your pet on a drip and keep it for a day or so for observation depending on the severity of the poisoning. ( Quoted from the Alberton Tame Times, with thanks ).