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About The Community Policing Forum (CPF)

What you need to know about the CPF

The Community Policing Forum (CPF) fulfils a vital role in society, in assisting law enforcement officials in the fight against crime and exists in terms of the SAPS Act. The Community Police Forum falls under the SAPS Act and is an integral part of “Sector Policing”. The Community Police Forum objectives according to Sec 18 of SAPS Act, 1995 (Link to document).

SAPS Act 68 of 1995, legislated that Community Police Forums (CPF) as the only recognised consultative forum designed to permit communities to make their policing concerns known to the police. The Community Policing Forum has a Constitution (Link to document) dictating rules, law & affective structures.


The Community Police Forums are consultative forums designed to permit communities to make their policing concerns known to the police and to provide a vehicle for holding the police accountable to them.

What role does the CPF perform in society?

  • The CPF ensures the efficient and appropriate service delivery of safety and security to the community.
  • Members address complaints against the police on behalf of the community and against criminal elements in a particular community on behalf of policing partners.
  • The CPF builds communication and problem-solving channels between all policing partners and the community.
  • It produces safety plans from reported police statistics, as well as community needs and complaints regarding crime hot spots and suspicious activities.
  • The CPF plans and participates in anti-crime exercises which are determined by the community’s complaints.
  • They facilitate safety and security meetings between the community and law enforcement entities.

The Objectives and Responsibilities of the CPF


  • Establish and maintain a partnership between the community and the police.
  • Promote communication between the community and the police.
  • Promote co-operation between the community and the police in fulfilling the needs of the community regarding policing.
  • Improve the rendering of police services to the community at local level.
  • Improve the transparency in the service and accountability of the police to the community.
  • Promote joint problem identification and problem solving by the police and the community in relation to crime, service delivery, disorder, and poor community police relations.
  • Monitor the effectiveness and efficiency of the police.
  • Evaluate the provision of visible policing in the Sector area.
  • To promote the aims and objectives of Community Policing and facilitate the functioning thereof.
  • Implement projects in the interests of improved community safety.


  • Advise the SAPS regarding local policing priorities; jointly identify policing priorities for presentation to the MEC for Community Safety.
  • Facilitate in resolving concerns, problems and complaints from community members regarding policing.
  • Harmonise the relationship between the police and the community.
  • Request the Station Commissioner to provide crime information analysis on policing on a quarterly basis and as when it is required.
  • Obtain regular feedback from the community about the quality of police service delivery.
  • Initiate and support community based crime prevention projects
  • Inform the community about the activities of the CPF and sub-forums and engage them accordingly.
  • Ensure effective management of the forum’s resources.
  • Monitor and request reports on the activities of the Sectors and ensure the sharing of good practices
  • Requesting enquiries into policing matters in the locality concerned.
  • Ensure the implementation of Sector Policing.
  • The monitoring of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Service.
  • The evaluation of the provision of visible policing priorities, including:
  • The provision and staffing of the Police Station.
  • The reception and processing of complaints and charges.
  • The prosecution of offenders.